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Dunedin DoubleWood

A MasterBlend of 70% single malt, and 30% premium grain whisky produced from unmalted barley in the Willowbank Distillery. Aged for 6 years in American Bourbon barrels, before finishing for 12 in French Oak NZ wine barrels, giving ruby colour, depth of character and long-lasting, rich flavours.

High Wheeler

Years ago, in the Willowbank distillery in Dunedin, a batch of whisky was made in the distillery’s column still using unmalted barley. This “single grain whisky” was then blended with 70% of their single malt, and placed into American Oak, ex-bourbon barrels. Twenty-one years later, we have carefully selected casks and bottled them as “High Wheeler”.


A blend of 70% single malt, and 30% grain whisky, from Dunedin’s legendary Willowbank Distillery. Initially aged in American Oak, ex-bourbon casks for 6 years. Relocated to seaside Oamaru, this precious spirit was transferred into French oak, ex-New Zealand red wine casks where they matured for an additional 12 years. To bring together this big, luscious whisky, our blenders identify casks with rich, fruity flavours, carefully married together and settled at 50% for this 100 Proof whisky. Whether you reduce it a little further, or consume as is, we know this will leave a lasting impression on your palate and have you coming back for more!

South Island Single Malt 25yo

Made from 100% malted New Zealand barley in the Willowbank distillery, Dunedin. This whisky has been aging in American Oak, Ex-Bourbon barrels for 25 years.

The latest flagship release of the South Island Single Malt. Continuing the tradition of the multi-award-winning 18, 21, and 23 year old expressions, the new 25 year old will be sure to please.