The Oamaruvian

Cask Strength, DoubleWood
The New Zealand Whisky Collection Oamaruvian Cask Strength

The Oamaruvian

Aged for six years in American Oak, ex-bourbon, and finished for twelve years in French Oak, ex-red wine barrels. Bottled at cask strength.


  • Spice 80% 80%
  • Fruits 80% 80%
  • Port 50% 50%

The Story

New Zealand whisky evangelists and winemakers Warren and Deb Preston identified Oamaru’s historic Harbour Precinct as an ideal seaside climate for whisky maturation. Next, they did something profound. They decanted over 200 barrels of Dunedin distilled single grain whisky out of American bourbon barrels and into French oak NZ wine barrels. The Dunedin DoubleWood was born. Eight years on, The New Zealand Whisky Collection is proud to present The Oamaruvian – specially selected casks chosen for their rich toffee, floral nose and creaming soda mouth-feel with a hint of Oamaru sea spray to finish.


Colour:  Dark cherry wood

Nose:  Bold port-soaked raisins followed by dark cherries, cloves and various stone fruits.  Water and time brings out pecan praline, almonds and balsamic reduction glaze.

Taste:  A vibrant taste of dried fruits, including dried cherries and strawberries, intertwined with almonds and nutmeg leading to a palate covering liquorice sweetness spiked with anise.

Finish:  A slightly drying and energetic see-saw between the spices and sweetnesses experienced.  Somewhat acidic on the tongue, but it carries a very pleasant balance along the drawn out port-like finale.

The Hard Facts

Type MasterBlend
ABV Cask Strength (58.4%)
Age 18 Years
Barrel American Oak, Ex-Bourbon. French Oak, Ex-Red Wine.

Gold Medal Wizards of Whisky 2015

Like many New Zealand experiences, Oamaruvian 16 Year Old DoubleWood is an adventure you’re unlikely to forget, and it comes with one hell of a tale to tell.
Ben Bowers

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