South Island Single Malt

Aged 18 Years in American Oak, Ex-Bourbon Barrels.

South Island Single Malt 18YO

Made from 100% malted New Zealand barley in the Willowbank distillery, Dunedin. This whisky has been aging in American Oak, Ex-Bourbon barrels for 18 years.

  • Peat 10% 10%
  • Fruits 80% 80%
  • Floral 80% 80%

The Story

The 18 year old expression of the South Island was the first single malt released by our company. It was made from predominantly 1993 barrels, which we soon discovered were some of our best. With the 1993 stock dwindling due to the popularity of this whisky, it has now been discontinued, and the remaining bottles are very rare.  A must try for any whisky buff.


Nose Mature nose, floral, coconut and tropical fruits.
Taste Sweet, freshly acidic, then farmyard-musty.
Finish Silky and light with delicate oak and cereal sweetness.

The Hard Facts

Type Single Malt
ABV 40%
Age 18 Years
Barrel American Oak, Ex-Bourbon

Bottles Remaining


San Fran Spirit Awards 2013

I would have guessed this whisky over 20 years old. Noses and tastes older than 18 years – there is something intriguingly ‘antique’ about its flavour profile

Charles MacLean