Masters Range: Cyril's SingleWood

In recognition of Cyril Yates.

Masters Range : Cyril’s SingleWood

To celebrate Cyril Yates’ fundamental contribution to  the New Zealand whisky industry, we have created a special bottling of our MasterBlended SingleWood whisky.

  • Fruits 80% 80%
  • Spice 70% 70%
  • Salty 50% 50%

The Story

The Masters Range is a specialty series of bottlings designed to commemorate the remarkable people behind the turbulent history of New Zealand whisky. Batch 01 & 02 named for Cyril Yates, who spent over 20 years at the Willowbank Distillery. All 540 bottles were settled and hand bottled at our Oamaru warehouse, and are only available through our cellar door.


Nose Elegant balance of baked pear and vanilla crisp with gentle floral notes.
Taste Pear sweetness again, smooth and clean body.
Finish Chilli pepper warmth giving way to a long salty and sweet finish.

The Hard Facts

Type MasterBlend
ABV 43%
Age 20 Years
Barrel American Oak, Ex-Bourbon