Art of the Cut New-Make Spirit

Single Malt Grain Spirit
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Art of the Cut

This New-Make Spirit is an exciting new addition to our product range. Handcrafted from 100% malted New Zealand barley and pure spring water from the Southern Alps, this beautiful grain spirit is subtle and smooth, yet full of flavour. 

Distillation has 3 stages of the spiritous flow. It is the Art of the distiller, when to make the Cut to produce the spirit and style desired. The Heart is the main Cut and it is the Start of the Hearts that gives the richest characters.

Distilled in our distillery in Dunedin by our talented distillers Michael & Cyril, this spirit has creamy cereal notes of the malted barley – balanced by fresh, fruity characters of the alcohol. With soft notes of banana and golden fruits, this lightly sweet but refreshing new-make spirit surprises you with it’s deliciousness and long lingering, smooth mouth feel.

Art of the Cut can be enjoyed as it it, ice-cold as a delicious snaps – or sprucing up your favourite cocktail! 

The Hard Facts

Type Single Malt Grain Spirit

ABV 45%

Age New-Make

Straight from our stills

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