1993 Cask Strength

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1993 Cask Strength

The 1993 was one of our most popular cask strength whiskies. Originally released as an 18 year old, the 1993 quickly gained universal acclaim.


  • Peat 10% 10%
  • Sweet 80% 80%
  • Fruits 80% 80%

The Story

Our Cask Strength range of Single Malts is a collectible series for the discerning drinker. Aged between 20 and 26 years, these are hand bottled straight from the wood at our Oamaru Cellar Door. No two barrels are exactly the same, so these always have a pleasant surprise up their sleeve. With alcohol content between 49-60%, these Single Malts will satisfy the inquisitive pallet and provide a tasting experience that cannot ever be repeated.



Nose  Toasted, oaky nose. Hints of caramel and allspice. Butterscotch.
Taste Dried banana and cracked black pepper. Hints of citrus.
Finish Zesty, peppery finish. A  lingering sweetness.

The Hard Facts

Type Cask Strength Single Malt
ABV 53%
Age 18 Years
Barrel American Oak, Ex-Bourbon


Wizards of whisky 2012
I probably saw and tasted this cask when just a few months old. Always great to meet an old friend after many years apart…and even better to find them in tip-top shape!
Jim Murray